Creative Engineering: design and devise ideas that create wealth.


Be the most coveted creative communications company in the ASEAN. Good clients want to collaborate with us. Talented youngsters want to work for us. And the society thanks us for the work that we do.

core values

Excellence, Service, Conscientiousness.


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IXM or IdeasXMachina Advertising derived from the plot device called "deus ex machina" (Latin for god from the machine) used in Greek narratives where someone or something suddenly appears with the remedy to an unquestionably irremediable predicament.

Since itís dawning in June 25, 2009, this 6-year independent agency has partnered with several of the countryís most notable clients such as: PNB, Toyota Fortuner, Asia Brewery Inc., Pepsi-Tropicana, SMDC, GNC, Burlington, AboitizPower, 3M Scotch-Brite, ConceptFoods Corp., Super8, Makati Medical Center, AXA Insurance, BoosterC, Philippine Star, Pilipino Star Ngayon, Insignia, Caronia, Jergens, Motortrade, Phinma Properties, SM Men and SM Youth, Pasig City Government, Muntinlupa City Government, Lorins, and PalmerAsia.